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Are the high costs of providing medical benefits for your employees eating into your bottom line? Are you trying to unload cost and responsibility by utilizing the high cost of staffing companies or temporary agencies?Adaptable Workforce Solutions (AWS) is a Workforce Consulting Company. We are seasoned in helping companies drill down the costs of employing a flexible workforce in a variety of industries. We have the ability to customize a workforce model that will adapt to your specific need. Many companies aren’t getting the most of their resources and choose to pay the high costs of outsourcing to staffing agencies and temporary services, which not only results in high cost, but inefficiencies and low quality.

Payrolling Services

AWS will fund and prepare payroll, as well as assume mandatory payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment, mandatory disability insurance, etc… Since the employees you source and recruit are AWS employees, added to our payroll, your hidden payroll expenses and the high cost of employee benefits disappear.

In-house Presence

AWS believes in becoming a true partner with your business by putting together a personalized team solely for your account as well. Our on-site coordinators can be as involved with your business as you’d like them to be and can help in the following areas.

Direct Hire Recruiting

We are dedicated to matching top notch talent to your organization and because of that AWS is able to create business relationships based upon mutual respect and benefit. The quality of candidates we represent and the service we provide are the reasons employers return to us for their hiring needs.

Employee Benefits

AWS is able to customize your employment packages based upon your comfort level. We sit down with you one on one and create a package that best fits your need.

Resources and Efficiencies

Nobody knows your business like you, but AWS are experts at finding ways to use the current resources you have, as well as providing new ones and dissecting all of the onboarding processes/details in order to improve your efficiencies.

Contract Consulting

AWS can review your current temporary or staffing agreements and show you ways to either get more bang-for your-buck or a savings to your contingent workforce spend.

Screening and Training

When recruiting for you, we will conduct a thorough interview with the applicant, arrange any pre-employment tests (drug, physical, hearing, reading, writing, math, typing, etc…) that you require, ensure an applicant’s job history/skills match the position, confirm that all certifications, degrees, trade licenses, etc… are valid and reference checks have been attempted and completed.

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What clients say

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Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Twin Cities

“By implementing AWS’s Flexible Workforce Model, we were able to streamline our hiring processes to better fit our fluctuating business needs while saving $475,000 to our bottom line. All this was done while improving our efficiencies and utilizing our own resources which in turn kept costs down.”

Division Manager

Division Manager

Edina, MN

“We couldn’t be happier with AWS. Their skilled back office staff handles the paperwork that used to slow us down. Now we can concentrate on what we do best, helping the customer.”

Business Owner

Business Owner

Lakeville, MN

“I want to take a minute to thank the team at AWS, for the outstanding service that we receive as their client. The staff is super responsive, and very easy to work with. We value them as a partner.”

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