A large food manufacturing company had used multiple temporary staffing vendors in order to get a handle on their flexible workforce. For years they didn’t run at peak performance due to their staffing vendors not being able to fill their quick turn-around needs as well as their overnight shift. By utilizing AWS’s Flexible Workforce Model, they were able to improve their efficiencies in the following areas:

Bottom Line Savings: In a two year timeframe they were able to realize a $475,000 cost savings by utilizing this flexible workforce model.

Employee Benefits: Customized Medical, Dental & Holiday employment package.

Overtime Rate: Savings of almost $4/hour.

Retention: Turnover was reduced by 30%.

Efficiencies: They were able to handle the ebbs and flows of the food manufacturing industry which allowed them to meet the ever growing needs of our customers while ensuring quick turnarounds resulting in a more efficient operation.

“By implementing AWS’s Flexible Workforce Model, we were able to streamline our hiring processes to better fit our fluctuating business needs while saving $475,000 to our bottom line. All this was done while improving our efficiencies and utilizing our own resources which in turn kept costs down.”
Satisfied Customer
Human Resources Manager