Finding a customized solution for your business has never been easier. AWS will work with you to understand the needs of your business, and make sure that you get the solution that fits your organization best. We understand the nuances and complexities of your industry. Our options include payroll, funding, insurance tax administration and more.  Your company is different than the rest, and so are we.

Choose the personnel you want to work for you by placing these key employees in a flexible workforce model, with AWS. AWS will seamlessly become the Employer of Record for as many people you need to bring on and for as long as you need them. AWS will fund and prepare payroll, as well as assume mandatory payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment, mandatory disability insurance, etc…  Since the employees you source and recruit are AWS employees, added to our payroll, your hidden payroll expenses and the high cost of employee benefits disappear.

By utilizing our payrolling option, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce your contingent workforce costs.
  • Utilize a quick start workforce model.
  • Customize a benefit package.
  • Evaluate personnel on the job before making the commitment of hiring.
  • Utilize specialized skills for your project based work.
  • Staff without obligation for business peaks.
  • Recall experienced retirees and seasonal workforce.
  • Eliminate HR administrative time on new hire and termination paperwork.
  • Staff entire departments indefinitely.
  • Maintain coverage during vacation periods.

Most temporary services and staffing agencies have a number of offices to support multiple clients – efficient for them but not for you. At AWS, we believe in not only customizing a workforce model specifically for our client, but we believe in becoming a true partner with your business by putting together a personalized team solely for your account as well. Our on-site coordinators can be as involved with your business as you’d like them to be and can help in the following areas.

  • Efficiencies. We are experts at improving efficiencies when it comes to your resources, onboarding, training and terminations.
  • Planning.  Sitting in on production meetings can be a huge benefit for planning purposes.
  • Third Party On-site.  We can help your HR staff with internal employee on employee related issues.
  • Operational Flexibility. Being onsite allows us to be in tune with your quick changing needs.

We realize most companies have relationships formed with various vendors. We understand the importance of having these relationships. Our goal isn’t to have you cut ties with your vendors, as we firmly believe in having multiple resources and having options. Once a partnership is formed with AWS, one of the services we can provide is to review your current temporary or staffing agreements and show you ways to either get more bang-for your-buck or a savings to your contingent workforce spend.

Our focus of learning your business and being in tune with your management team allows us to better understand your business culture.  With that in mind, we’re able to find the best match for the positions you need to fill.  Clients engage our services for our proven ability to find key people who have the specific skillset they desire. We are dedicated to matching top notch talent to your organization and because of that AWS is able to create business relationships based upon mutual respect and benefit.  The quality of candidates we represent and the service we provide are the reasons employers return to us for their hiring needs.

At AWS, we know there is a fine line between saving money regarding employment packages and trying to provide a medical plan to take care of your employees. With that in mind, AWS is able to customize our employment packages based upon your comfort level. We sit down with you one on one and create a package that best fits your need.

Throughout the years one of the things that seem common whenever AWS starts working with a new client is the fact that not all companies take full advantage of the resources they already have. Many companies are under the opinion that their teams are maximizing the resources they have.  Nobody knows your business like you, but AWS are experts at finding ways to use the current resources you have, as well as providing new ones and dissecting all of the onboarding processes/details in order to improve your efficiencies.

With our years in the industry, we have come across various screening and training programs with our clients. What we’ve learned is that every client is different and most are very specific in regards to their screening and training procedures. AWS will work with you and your management team to ensure the entire process is seamless.  When recruiting for you, we will conduct a thorough interview with the applicant, arrange any pre-employment tests (drug, physical, hearing, reading, writing, math, typing, etc…) that you require, ensure an applicant’s job history/skills match the position, confirm that all certifications, degrees, trade licenses, etc…  are valid and reference checks have been attempted and completed.  Scores for applicant’s tests can be provided at client’s request.